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Social Media Marketing

Say goodbye to aimlessly scrolling on social media for hours, coming up with nothing but cat memes as your 'content inspiration', even though we love cat memes 😸 (they make the internet a better place). 

Let us take care of your social media, so it won't consume all your time and energy. 

Some examples of our work

Why work together?

More time for your business

Often, business owners don't have time to work on marketing as well as  managing other parts of their business.

Consistency is key

Consistency establishes your credibility, builds trust, and strengthens your reputation. 

Expertise at your disposal

My expertise is your expertise. I've worked with agencies and brands across various sectors (e-commerce, automotive, finance, ...)

Cost saving 

Hiring a freelancer could be more cost-efficient than hiring a full-time employee or agency.

Our packs

Take it easy

  • Monthly content calendar

  • 2 posts per week on IG & FB*

  • Visuals and copy

  • No photoshoot included

*More platforms can be added for an additional fee


  • Monthly content calendar

  • 3 posts per week on IG & FB*

  • Visuals and copy

  • 1.5 hour photoshoot per month

*More platforms can be added for an additional fee

Custom plan

Contact us to get a custom plan tailored to your needs

Available services:

  • Monthly content calendar

  • Visuals and copywriting

  • Photoshoot and/or video shoot

  • Paid social media ads

  • Community management

  • ...


Book a 30 minutes free call in my agenda to discuss the next steps or send an email to

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